Tommy Keith (b. 1993) is a photographer and filmmaker currently based in Toronto, ON. He received a BFA in Film Production from Concordia University in 2016. His work explores personal histories and the concept of family, investigated through his parents and his own evolving family of half-brothers.

“Success Strategies” is a series of pictures made in southern Ontario featuring members of my family in their home and places of work. These pictures primarily focus on my parents as they approach retirement, and uses their sales coaching business as a backdrop to explore my relationship with them and with other family members. Growing up, I always knew I was conceived by means of a sperm donation clinic, and starting in high school I began to meet other siblings through online DNA registry websites who share the same donor as I do. My Mom always explained it such that I have two Dads, one of them who we’ll never meet but was kind enough to help us become a family, and the other one is Bruce, the one who raised me. The three half-brothers that I’ve met, Brendan, Gregory, and Jake, all share the same anonymous donor as me but have been raised in different environments and by different families. I started photographing my parents with urgency after my father underwent heart surgery, and since then have been using photography to question what it means to be biologically related to someone. How do personal histories complicate relationships between loved ones? What does a contemporary family look like? What are the differences between past ideologies of what a successful family is compared to now? What effect does one’s family have on who a person becomes? These are all questions that I don’t entirely know the answer to, but am exploring using photography. By photographing myself, my half-siblings and my parents, I am questioning how we all relate to one another and presenting an alternative version of what family means.